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The Hythrun Chronicles

The Hythrun Chronicles is an epic, worldwide bestselling fantasy told in 4 trilogies: The Wolfblade Trilogy, The Demon Child Trilogy, The War of the Gods Trilogy, Slave Queen Trilogy, and a novella (First Kill).


There are also 2 connected companion books, Elezaar's Rules of Faining and Weilding Power and the very tongue in cheek, The Magic Word.


The Wolfblade Trilogy follows the life of Marla Wolfblade from the age of 15 until she is in her 40s. It also follows stories of various characters intertwined with that of Marla Wolfblade and explains much of the history in the following Demon Child history (which was published first) as it follows Damin Wolfblade and Marla's other children growing up and how the state of affairs presented in The Demon Child Trilogy came to be.

The Demon Child Trilogy follows R'shiel Tenragan as she accepts her fate as the demon child and tries to hold the fabric of her world together while defeating the Karien god, Xaphista, and bringing about some much-needed changes to the four main countries of Medalon, Hythria, Fardohnya and Karien with help from multiple characters she befriends.

The First Kill novella introduces Kiam Miar, Damin Wolfblade's stepbrother, as he is seeks to graduate to the rank of Guild Assassin.

The War of the Gods Trilogy follows R'shiel and Damin Wolfblade and Kiam Miar, as the unintended conseqiences of decisions made saving the world from Xaphista come back to haunt them and their families.

The Slave Queen Trilogy follows Damin Wolfblade's children, Marlie and Jazrian, as their different paths eventually collide, forcing them to face an even more dangerous foe than their parents once had to defeat to save their world.

Foreign Language Print Editions


The Hythrun Chonicles in Chronolocigal order



Follow Marla Wolfblade as she grows from a helpless pawn to the most poweful woman in the country, prepared to do anything to protect her children



Meet R'shiel of Medalon whose fate takes an entirely unexpected turn when she learns she is a legendary Demon Child


First Kill

Marla's promise to the Assassin's Guild must be fulfilled and it falls to her stepson, Kiam Miar, to honour the Wolfblade family's vow and become a fully qualified assassin

Lyre Thief.jpg

The Lyre Thief

10 years after R'shiel defeats Xaphista, a ghost from her past appears to take his vengeance on those he believes detroyed his life - the Demon Child and Damin Wolfblade


The Slave Queen

Damin's daughter Marlie, learns a terrible evil escaped the Seven Hells when R'shiel and Brak secured the Covenant, and it's on the loose in the real world.

Waarior US.jpg


Marla's power struggle continues as she tries to  keep her son, Damin, alive so he can eventually assume his rightful place as High Prince

US TK.jpg

Treason Keep

R'shiel's is caught in a war on the border of Medalon and Karien, where Damin Wolfblade and a troublesome Fardohnyan princess complicate things for everyone


Elezaar's rules of Gaining and Weilding Power

The full list of the rules Elezaar teaches Marla Wolfblade, as he educates her and she evolves from a silly girl to a powerful  and ruthless leader



Mica's vengeance wreaks havoc on the Wolfblade family, tangling the assassin, Kiam Miar and Charisee, a slave posing as a princess in its inticate web


The Priate Prince

Jazrian must help his sister, Marlie, fight the evil shade that has taken over Hythria and now threatens every other nation on the continent



Damin must decide to take back what is his and seek revenge for the tragedies inflicted on his family by those he thought he could trust



R'shiel must accept her Harshini heritage and with the help of Brakandaran the Halfbreed, finally put an end to the dangerous demon-turned-god, Xaphista

The Magic Word.jpg

The Magic Word

Jennifer Fallon's tongue-in-cheek response to her  publishers requesting a novella that "brings all your worlds together" even though they are completely unconnected.



Mica is defeated but the danger unleashed by his vengeance must be dealt with and R'shiel must pay the price for bringing Brakandaran back from the dead


The Assassin King

Kiam Miar and Charisee are the only hope left for Marlie and Jazrian in their battle to defeat the Shade and return it to the Seven Hells where it belongs

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