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How to Write a Bestseller

Jennifer Fallon is the author of 27 bestselling fantasy and science fiction novels, 4 different series, numerous short stories, and has written official tie-in stories for both Stargate SG1 (MGM) and Zorro (Disney). She is published in 6 languages (at last count), has worked with some of the top editors and publishers in the industry (Tor, Orbit, HarperCollins, Random House, etc) and has been teaching writing master classes for the past 18 years.


She has a Masters Degree in Creative Writing, has been shortlisted for numerous awards, and has worked in Adult Education for the more than20 years. She mentors young writers and ran the Reynox International Writer's Retreat until it was destroyed in the Christchurch Earthquakes of 2010.


These books, initially written as companions to her Master Classes, are easy to understand, written with humor and insight, and a must have for all aspiring writers.


How to Write a Bestseller Series

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