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Jennifer Fallon prolific and has authored a number of short stories, contributed to several anthologies, wrote a textbook on characterisation used by students at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment and even a guide on dealing with internet scammers.

Foreign Language Print Editions

Short Stories, humour, non-fiction and other stuff


Chicks in Capes Anthology

Meet the Violet Valet, the superhero who's special powers only work in carparks


Legends of Australian Fantasy

From two of the best editors working today ... eleven of Australia's best-loved and most widely read writers ... which includes Jennifer Fallon, of course


How to Find Your Soulmate on the Internet - NOT!

Hysterical compilation of the conversations Jennifer Fallon has, messing with romance scammers



An anthology of Australian Speculative Fiction which includes Fallon's first foray into horror


MacReadie v The Love Machine

Nick Macreadie - sexiest man alive- grapples with his stolen image and the truism that there's no such thing as bad publicity


Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

Read more of Jennifer Fallon's short stories

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